Friday, June 3, 2011

How do i change the alternator on a fiat punto 1.2?

My Fiat Punto 1.2 didn't start one morning,someone looked at it and said its the battery.I changed it and it worked for few days and then it died again.The only logical solution is to change the alternator but i don't want to go to a mechanic because i'm already short on cash.Can someone please explain how i can change it myself?How do i change the alternator on a fiat punto 1.2?On the 1.2 Punto engine, the alternator is located at the rear of the engine, furthest from the gearbox. The alternator pivots on one mounting and has a second mounting which tightens to tension the belt. Access is easier with the roadwheel and wheelarch liner removed (simply screwed in.) Disconnect the battery and slacken all the mounting bolts for the alternator. This will loosen the belt so it can be removed. Disconnect the wiring connectors from the rear of the alternator and then remove the alternator all together. Replacement is the reverse of fitting, but i would recommend a new belt at the same time - if the old belt snaps, it can rip off the cambelt aswell which is not good news! To tension the belt, use a pry bar to push the alternator away from the engine and tighten the belt. Hold this tension as you tighten up the top mounting nut which will then keep the tension.How do i change the alternator on a fiat punto 1.2?disconect the battery but before you do make sure you have the radio code,remove the wire`s attatched to the alt/unit take the bolts off that secure the altinator,refit in reverse order.